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ORGANIC INDIA Shatavari Capsule Bottle – Women’s Health (Natural estrogens)
Shatavari is the herb that is traditionally taken to support well-being through all phases of a woman life cycle. Shatavari provides natural and organic plant based estrogens that support women’s health needs from adolescence throughout her life. Shatavari is also a natural diuretic that helps relieve fluid retention.

  • Made with Certified Organic Herbs
  • HPMC veg capsule
  • Tested for heavy metals

Shatavari Ayurvedic Capsules Improves:

  • Supports well-being through all phases of a women’s life cycle (menopausal symptoms)
  • Provides natural and organic plant based estrogens that support women’s health.
  • Supports women’s health needs from adolescence throughout her life.

Dosage of ORGANIC INDIA Shatavari Capsules:
1-2 capsules with food & water twice daily for at least 3 months or as directed by your health care provider. Safe for long term use.

Shatavari Ayurvedic Capsules FAQ:

Q - Is Shatavari helpful during post-menopausal stage in ladies?
A - Yes, Shatavari is quite useful during pre-menopausal stage as well as post-menopausal stage. It helps in controlling symptoms during menopause i.e. irritation, mood swing, hot flashes, insomnia, depression etc.

Q - Does Shatavari help in PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease)?
A - Yes, Shatavari along with Women’s Well-Being capsules helps in normalizing the menstruation cycle in PCOD patients.

Q - How Shatavari is useful in infertility?
A - Shatavari is quite useful in conceiving the child in infertile patients cause due to pcod or other factors.

Q - How does Shatavari helpful in hormonal imbalances?
A - Shatavari helps in normalizing the hormonal imbalances occur in girls due to stress or other causes.

Q - Is it helps in milk production in lactating mothers?
A - Yes, Shatavari boost milk production in lactating mothers, who are facing problem during lactation.

Shatavari Ayurvedic Capsules Indications:

  • Women’s health needs
  • Vaat Pit
  • Nashak
  • Fluid retention

Shatavari Ayurvedic Capsules Ingredients:

Each ORGANIC INDIA Shatavari HPMC veg capsule contains 400mg:-

  • Organic Shatavari root* (Asparagus racemosus) 400mg

*Certified Organic Herbs


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