How to Keep your hair Healthy & Shiny ?

How to Keep your hair Healthy & Shiny ?

Neelibringadi Thailam

  •  It is indicated for hairloss and Baldness.
  • Premature greying of hair.
  • Controls Hairfall.
  • Acts as strong anti - Dandruff agent.
  • Treats Scalp Acne.
  • Cures Scalp itching, fungal Infections.
  • It is Anti microbial & Anti bacterial agent.
  • It stimulates hair growth. 

 How to apply? (Follow any one of the Procedure) 

  • Procedure1: Take necessary amount of of oil and apply it on your scalp and massage it for 10 to 15 min and leave it for 15 mins. Take head shower with mild shampoo or herbal hair wash powder.
  •  Procedure2 : Apply the oil over the head during night. Take shower in morning with mild shampoo.
Sinus Patients should heat the oil at mild temperature mix it with 5- 10 pepper corns and apply it on your head and massage for 5 min and wash your hair immediately.

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