Aluretic- 100nos- Alarsin

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  • Herbal diuretic for safe, smooth and sustained diuresis.
  • In management of Oedema due to cardiac, renal and hepatic disorders.
  • An adjuvant therapy in Hypertension and Urolithiasis.
  • Ensures sustained diuresis.
  • Onset of diuresis within one hour of administering first dose of 1-2 tabs. This diuretic effect lasts for 5-6 hours.
  • Increases output of urine without causing strain or adverse effect on kidneys.
  • Does not cause bio-chemical, hematological or renal abnormality.
  • Improves function of Kidneys, Heart, Liver & Lungs.
  • Regulates urine elimination & excretory functions.
  • Helps to reduce weight significantly.
  • OEDEMA : Mild to Moderate
  • Renal : Insufficiency, Malfunction, Nephritis
  • Cardiac: Mild to moderate High B.P., congestive heart failure
  • Pulmonary congestion
  • Oedema : postural, anaemic
  • Routine Use: Idiopathic Oedema, late middle & old age when kidney function is diminished.
  • For short term reduction of intraocular pressure, particularly pre-operative and post-operative.

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