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Navapasana Sudar Thailam

Indications :

Vadha, Piththa, Kaba Noikal (Vitiation of Vada, Pitha and Kaba doshams),Sanni (delirium). Very effective in Venkuttam / Venpadai (Leucoderma). It is given in lung cancer (Nurraiyeeral Puttru) and also all types of Cancer.



No.  Siddha Name  Scientific Name
1 Sutham Seitha Rasam Hydragymm
2 Sutham Seitha Veeram  Mercuric chloride
3 Sutham Seitha Pooram  Mercury Choride
4 Sutham Seitha Lingam  Red sulphide of Mercury
5 Sutham Seitha Aritharam  Arsenic trisulphide
6 Sutham Seitha Manoseelai  Arsenic disulphide
7 Sutham Seitha Vellai Pasanam  Arsenic trioxide
8 Sutham Seitha Gowri Pasanam  Arsenic Pentasulphide
9 Sutham Seitha Kanthagam  Elemental Sulphur
10 Elluppa Ennai  Madhuca longifolia
11 Punga Ennai  Pongamia pinnata
12 Veppa Ennai  Azadirachta indica
13 Gingili Oil  Sesamum indicum
14 Villakku Ennai  Ricinus communis


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