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PIGMENTO is a comprehensive therapy in vitiligo. Immunological attack on the melanocytes and free radical damage are considered to be the cause of vitiligo. Psoralea corylifolia the main ingredient of PIGMENTO stimulates melanocytes to synthesize melanin, the pigmenting agent. Acorus calamus, Cassia tora and Melia azadirachta have antifungal properties. Tephrosia purpurea modulates both the cell-mediated and the humoral components of the immune system.    Other ingredients also have immuno-modulating and antioxidant properties. Thus, PIGMENTO effectively induces repigmentation in vitiligo.


  • Vitiligo
  • Acquired white patches

PIGMENTO is a comprehensive therapy in vitiligo.



  • Follow a bland and nutritious diet.
  • Consumption of bitter vegetables such as bitter gourd and bitter variety of drumsticks is recommended.
  • Exposure to sunlight for 10 minutes every day is beneficial.


  • Curd, sour fruits and combinations of milk with jaggery or fruits should be avoided during three months after therapy.
  • Avoid exposure to heat and the sun.
  • Avoid non-vegetarian foods.
  • Avoid incompatible foods like milk and sour fruits.


  • Bakuchi beej – Stimulates melanocytes to synthesize melanin
  • Vacha, Neem Patra, Chakramarda beej – Stimulants, keep skin healthy
  • Sharapunkha – Immunomodulator

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