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Kerala Ayurveda Pinda Thailam

Pinda Thailam by Kerala Ayurveda is known to have medicinal properties that can help patients experiencing a burning sensation in joints as a result of degenerative and rheumatoid arthritis or similar causes. It is used externally on the affected body parts. Pinda Thailam is utilized for ayurvedic therapy such as Janusvati, Abhyanga, Dhara, etc. 

Autoimmune chronic inflammatory disorders cause warmth, redness, pain, and swelling. It is prepared specially by following the ancient ayurvedic process of developing medicated oil to relieve burning sensation in joints and feet.  

The patients with symptoms will be required to apply Pinda Thailam oil on the body before bathing.  

Kerala Ayurveda Pinda Thailam Ingredients:

The key ingredients used are as below.

  • Madhuchistha (Bees Wax)

It is the by-product received after honey extraction. Madhuchistha is an element for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. For preparing essential oil and ointments, Madhuchistha is used as a core ingredient. It has medicinal properties that help heal wounds and burning sensation. Any skin related diseases cured with the help of Madhuchistha due to its healing power. It helps in healing from cracked heels, wounds and skin issues.

  • Manjishtha (Rubia Cordifolia)

Manjishtha in Ayurveda is used for purification of blood. It detoxifies and cools the blood in the body. The medicinal properties are useful to overcome the blockage of blood in the body and relieve pain. Manjishtha detoxifies the blood and helps in treating skin diseases. Manjishtha is used in the treatment of arthritis where patients suffer from burning sensation on joints. It can also be utilized for menstrual pain, diabetic ulcers, tumours, calcium deficiency, gallbladder stones, and skin problems.

  • Sarja Rasa (Balasamondron Myrrah)

Sarja Rasa has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and blood purifying properties. Arthritis patients suffer inflammation at the joints and applying Sarja Rasa relieves pain. It helps in increasing the white blood cell counts in the body. It relieves urine burning sensation by purifying the body.

  • Sveta Sariva (Hemidesmis Indicus)

Sveta Sariva contains terpenes, sterol and various phenolic compounds that provide arthritis patient relief from inflammation and pain at joints. It has medicinal properties which help the intestine absorb more water and helps in alleviating symptoms of diarrhoea. It contains blood purifying properties that help in neutralizing inflammation in the body. It helps in stomach ulcers by preventing excessive bleeding. It can be used externally for wound healing and relief from burning sensation & pain.

  • Tila Thaila (Sesamum Indicum)

It is used externally as oil to heal burns, boils, and ulcers. Sesamum Indicum oil is used for the treatment of chronic diseases such as hepatitis, diabetes, and migraine. It is a source of vitamins, omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, dietary fibers with anti-cancer properties and health-promoting properties. 

Kerala Ayurveda Pinda Thailam Benefits:

  • It can benefit patients who are undergoing treatment for gout arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It contains a combination of medicinal ingredients which can help in fighting the swelling and pain at joints. It is an ayurvedic medicine known to be used to help people experience relief from burning sensation in joints, and bones and inflammation.

  • Massaging the feet with Pinda Thailam helps in relieving the burning sensation experienced by elderly in their feet.

  • The medicinal compound helps in burning sensation in knee, joints and feet, tenderness and stiffness.

  • In the case of back pain, it helps in the healing process of the inflammation and is known to provide relief for patients suffering from backaches.

  • Massaging with Pinda Thailam helps provide relief from itchiness and burning sensation caused by varicose veins.  

Contraindications & Side-effects

  • There are no side-effects noticed for its external application because of herbal medicinal ingredients.

  • It is recommended for external use only. 

  • Consult your doctor if it is consumed orally. 

Ayurvedic view 

In Ayurveda, Vatarakta is the disease caused due to vitiated Vata and Rakta. When increased Vata in our body is blocked in its route by contaminated Rakta, Vatarakta occurs. The increased Vata contaminates the blood. 

This way of examining Vata and Rakta as a tool is explained in Ayurveda. Autoimmune conditions can be challenging to diagnose. Ayurveda uses Vatarakta as a tool to understand this.

The arthritis patients usually have symptoms such as burning sensation at joints and fits.  

The following are the symptoms to be recognized for the treatment of disease.

  • Morning stiffness around the joints

  • Three or more joints had soft tissue swelling or fluid

  • Arthritis of hand joints

  • Symmetric Arthritis - Simultaneous arthritis at both sides of the body

  • Rheumatoid nodules

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis & joint erosions in radiography

Ayurveda's way of helping patients find relief includes herbal medicine & diet, oil & massage therapy, and yoga & meditation. It takes a holistic approach to the treatment & prevention of diseases. It applies lifestyle modification and systemic therapies that aim at balancing the body, mind, and soul. The selection and dosage of medicine are specific to the patient and which dosha is out of balance. 

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