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Abhrak Bhasmam is an Ayurvedic medicine, prepared from Mica. It is used in Ayurvedic treatment of asthma, urinary disorders, skin diseases etc.  This medicine should only be taken strictly under medical supervision. 

AVP Ayurveda Abhrak Bhasma Uses: 

  • It is used in the treatment of digestive impairment, Malabsorption syndrome, Disease due to Kapha Dosha, Asthma, bronchitis, Fever, Bleeding disorders, Cough, Cold, Urinary disorders, diabetes, Anaemia, Skin diseases, splenic disorders, ascites, Helminthiasis, etc.
  • It is useful in anti-aging treatment, anti hairfall treatment, male and female infertility treatment, rejuvenation treatment.

AVP Ayurveda Abhraka Bhasma dosage:

  • 125 mg to 375 mg once or twice a day before or after food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.
  • It is traditionally administered along with honey, ghee, Triphala Kashaya, Fresh ginger juice extract, Guduchi (Indian Tinospora) decoction, etc.
  • This is of two types. One the ordinary and the other processed 101 times. Each capsule contains 200 mg of Abhra bhasma, and for 101 processed 100-200 mg.


  • For vitality- it is generally taken in Madanakameshwaram, Chaturjata rasayanam or other lehas.
  • For painful micturition- it is to be taken in milk or tender coconut water.
  • For diabetes- in turmeric juice or suitable decoction.
  • In other ailments, the vehicle can be sugar or honey.

Pathya: Pathya must be according to the ailment.

AVP Ayurveda Abraka Bhasma side effects:

  1. This medicine should only be taken under strict medical supervision.
  2. Self-medication with this medicine may prove to be dangerous.
  3. Overdosage may cause severe side effects.
  4. It should be very carefully used during pregnancy, lactation, and in children, only if found very necessary by the prescribing doctor.
  5. Take this medicine in a precise dose and for a limited period of time, as advised by the doctor.
  6. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Store in a dry cool place.

Abrak Bhasma ingredients, how to make? :

  • Shuddha Abhraka  – Purified Mica – 100 g.
  • Purified Mica is triturated with various herbal water decoctions and juice extracts, made into thin disc-shaped cakes, and subjected to 800 – 900 degree Celcius heat. 
  • The process is repeated for several times. The end product will be a very fine powder.
  • If it is repeated for 100 times, it is known as Shataputi Abhraka Bhasma.

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