AVP Ayurveda Jathyadi Gritham

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Why to Buy AVP Ayurveda Jathyadi Gritham?

AVP Ayurveda Jathyadi Gritham is an Ayurvedic medicine, in herbal ghee form. This medicine has ghee as its base. It is used for the preparatory procedures for Panchakarma and also as medicine. It is also known as Jatyadi Ghritam. This medicine is used for external application only.

Buy AVP Ayurveda Jathyadi Gritham /Ghrita benefits: 

  • It is used externally in the treatment of deep-seated wounds and ulcers, nonhealing wounds with secretions.
  • Useful in skin tuberculosis lesions.
  • Useful in ringworm infection and jock itch.

Jatyadi Ghritam dosage: 

  • Used to apply externally.
  • A cloth dipped in it may be spread over the wound, or it can be used for dhara.
  • The wound must be washed with turmeric or tamarind leaves or with healing Aragwadhadi kashayam or Nyagrodhadi kashayam.

AVP Ayurveda Jathyadi Gritham Side Effects:

There are no known side effects with this medicine.

AVP Ayurveda Jathyadi Gritham is a renowned Ayurvedic medicine that is known for its myriad of health benefits. This exceptional product is crafted from high-quality natural ingredients and is rooted in the traditional Ayurvedic principles. It offers a holistic healthcare solution, promoting overall wellbeing and vitality.

Buying AVP Ayurveda Jathyadi Gritham guarantees you a product that is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic additives. This Ayurvedic preparation is highly regarded for its therapeutic properties and is renowned for promoting healing and rejuvenation. It's designed to support your health in the most natural way possible, helping you lead a balanced and harmonious life.

Created by the trusted brand, AVP, Jathyadi Gritham showcases the power of Ayurveda through its incredible formulation. The product is readily available online, which makes it even more convenient for you to add it to your daily health regimen. So, why wait? Buy AVP Ayurveda Jathyadi Gritham and embrace the world of Ayurveda to enrich your health.

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