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Brahmi Thailam 200ML - AVP Ayurveda: Enhance Focus, Memory & Brain Support |

Unleash the power of your mind with Brahmi Thailam, a time-honored Ayurvedic oil from AVP Ayurveda. This potent blend of Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) and other nourishing herbs offers natural support for cognitive function, memory, and stress relief.

Experience the wisdom of nature:

    • Enhanced Focus & Concentration: Sharpen your mental clarity and boost productivity with Brahmi Thailam's brain-boosting properties.
    • Improved Memory & Recall: Nurture healthy memory function and sharpen your recall with the support of this traditional Ayurvedic oil.
    • Stress Relief & Relaxation: Soothe your mind and promote restful sleep with Brahmi Thailam's calming effects.
    • Natural & Safe: Trust the gentle wisdom of Ayurveda for a safe and effective approach to cognitive health, free from harsh chemicals.
    • Versatile Application: Enjoy Brahmi Thailam through head massage, Nasya (nasal drops), or internal consumption (as directed by an Ayurvedic physician).

Unlock the full potential of your mind. Order your Brahmi Thailam today!

Brahmi Tailam Usage:

  • It is beneficial in headaches, hairfall, anxiety, tension.
  • In case of dizziness, stress, sleeplessness.
  • Also used for procedures like shirodhara, shiropichu.

Used only for external use.

Note - Consult an Ayurvedic physician for personalized advice and dosage instructions.

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