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AVP Ayurveda Chyavanaprasam is one of the anti aging supplements, which is purely herbal in nature. It has Amla as its main ingredient. The rejuvenation of a sage by name Chyawana maharshi. Hence, the name – Chyawanprash.

Chyavanaprasam Usage:

  • It is useful in cough and cold.
  • It is especially used in pulmonary tuberculosis. It helps in rejuvenation of old aged people and also in proper nourishment of young ones.
  • It is effectively used in the treatments of throat infections, chest infections, Gout, disease conditions involving urine.
  • It improves intelligence (Medha), memory power, Skin lustre, age, strength of sense organs, immunity power, appetite.
  • It is a powerful antiaging herbal product. It also cures wrinkles.


  • One to two spoonfuls along with a glass of milk, every morning before breakfast.
  • Chyawanprash can be given to a child from 5 year old onwards, the dosage for children will be quarter to half spoon with a glass of milk.

Side effects:

  • If taken along with milk, in Kapha dominant period of the day (morning), the burning sensation can be minimized, if not nullified.
  • Some patients may complain loose stools.
  • Because it contains sugar, it is best to avoid in diabetic patients, with uncontrolled sugar.

One should drink milk, which, being cold mitigates the hot potency effect, after taking the lehyam.

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Chyavanaprasam - AVP Ayurveda

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Chyavanaprasam - AVP Ayurveda

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Chyavanaprasam - AVP Ayurveda


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