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Product Details

Sathadowtha Gritham: Shata-dhauta-ghrita (SDG) is an Ayurvedic preparation, commonly prescribed for treatment skin conditions. It is prepared by washing purified ghee one hundred times with water. This procedure transforms the ghee into a soft, cooling, nourishing, silky unguent that is used as a traditional moisturizer and antiwrinkle skin cream. SDG is a highly concentrated emollient, processed by hand according to ancient Ayurvedic teachings and imbued with mantras; true food for damaged skin as ghee penetrates and nourishes all seven layers of tissue.

Therapeutic Properties:

  • aids in rebuilding of dermal tissue, supporting healing of skin
  • soothes pain due to skin irritation
  • decreases inflammation
  • moisturizing and astringent qualities help to balance the doshas in the skin
  • excellent for reducing Vata and Pitta processes on the skin (sunburn, rosacea, eczema, acne)

Usage Directions:

  • Rub a small dab of SDB directly on the affected area.
  • If using for face, use about the size of ½ a dime and rub into skin with facial massage after washing.
  • Store at room temperature
  • Product improves with age; no expiry

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